Dr Simon Parsons

Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry

Rarely in one’s clinical career does one get the opportunity to work with a global authority in their field. Professor Brendan Monteiro is an expert in Deaf Mental Health with an international reputation, having set up three Deaf / Forensic Mental Health Services in the North West of England. I have had the pleasure and honour of working with him in the role of Staff Grade Doctor for the past 5 years.

Clinically, he is always ‘on the button’, having an awesome breadth and depth of knowledge. This knowledge he is always willing to share and, as a teacher, I feel that I have probably learned more from this single person than all other clinicians I have worked with put together.

Not only is he “noble in reason” and “infinite in faculty”, he has an integrity, humour and humility rarely encountered in such awe-inspiring people. He has built a team around him that have the cohesion, skills and talents to support a sometimes challenging and often disadvantaged group of service users – a team that have the strengths and feel of an extended family unit.

A true leader, Professor Monteiro allows and encourages the team to play to their abilities, while also inspiring and supporting them to manage their limitations and develop in their roles. He is strong because he has insight into and acknowledges his own limitations, wise because he is able to reflect on his doubts. He harnesses his strength and wisdom to ensure his patients receive fair, necessary and impartial support.

I have always found him to display great respect towards patients and colleagues alike, and devoted to the wellbeing of both those groups. He is clear and direct in expressing his opinions, scrupulous in his attention to detail, and passionate about his chosen specialty. I admire and respect him greatly, and always will.

Ron Morris BSc (Hons) RMHN

Hospital Manger

Dr Brendan Monteiro is renowned for his vast experience within the service and has over many years become an integral part of the care delivery within the hospital. He is the driving force behind the many improvements made to service users experience and consistently sets high standards within the profession and ensures those in his charge are all working to the same objectives at the same level.

His influence on staff is always beneficial, educational and aimed at the development of the individuals in his charge. He manages to remain approachable at any time of the day or night, and offers guidance, sage advice and the benefit of his many years’ experience in a consummately professional manner and as a result of this he remains hugely respected by staff and patients and has consistently demonstrated a high level of leadership often going beyond his role in supporting the staff and management within the MDT and ensuring the people with whom he has interactions are well led, informed and engaged in evidence based practice. He is heavily involved in researching and developing new theories and practice and frequently holds seminars and conferences to encourage shared best practice within the mental health community and at academic level in relation to his work at Salford University and with students who choose elective placements working alongside him under his guidance.

He consistently helps his patients, many with very complicated needs, to move through services in a manner that promotes nothing less than open and honest treatment for the individuals, and this in turn generates a huge amount of respect for him with patients frequently paying testament to his professionalism, caring approach and life changing treatments.

During his work with patients he sets very high standards and is regarded as peerless in his field. Often delivering exceptional patient treatments and care, this is clearly apparent with his extremely well established and high quality therapeutic relationships with his many patients over the years of his practice.

His presence in the hospital is a constant benefit, as he participates and fully engages in all relevant meetings and MDT sessions, along with the external promotion of deaf culture, awareness issues and challenges. He is an ambassador for All Saints Hospital a champion of deaf causes and a promoter of deaf culture and identity and through this work his expertise remains undoubted and nationally recognised within the Deaf Community. His proven history has established him as a man who has made improvements in the quality of lives of many people.

His previous works have led to his nomination and acceptance of an honorary professorship at Salford University, a role he has taken up with the same enthusiasm he demonstrates at work, and I have yet to meet an associate of Dr Monteiro who does not agree with the appointment and I have no hesitation in offering my opinions and commendations, if required, I may be contacted for any further information.

His recent work on the production of an international conference in partnership with Elysium and Salford University has elevated his standing within the deaf community on a global level and he is highly sought after to continue these. He is also instrumental in the production of an accredited course delivered through the university aimed specifically at deaf workers and students and he will no doubt make ground breaking achievements in improving the lives of deaf people as well as those who experience oppression of language.

Dr Karen Stansfield

Associate Dean Enterprise and Engagement
University of Salford

I have worked with Brendan in his capacity as Honorary Professor within the School of Health and Society at the University of Salford for over a year. We have worked together to develop and implement the Deaf Mental Health Care: Working with Cultural and Linguistic Challenges conference. This conference was a joint initiative between the Univ. of Salford, Salford Professional Development and Elysium Health Care.

Brendan has been involved in all aspects of planning and developing this conference. This has included attending monthly planning meetings to ensure the success of the conference by making sure we had the correct speakers and learning outcomes for the conference. He has shared his professional knowledge of this specific group of patients with University staff to ensure that the agenda for the conference was of a high calibre. He has also contributed to ensure the venue and marketing was sufficiently inclusive for the participants this conference was aimed at.

The conference provided a unique opportunity to understand and learn about mental health in ethnic and diverse populations particularly the deaf community which receives minimal resources and public awareness. Brendan has been an advocate for this group of patients/clients in taking the concept from initial discussions to implementing and facilitating the conference, as he fully appreciates the needs of this client group and what is required in order to improve the level of healthcare services that they receive.

By driving the development and organisation of the conference and providing specialist advice on who should speak at the conference as well as securing high profile speakers, Brendan provided an opportunity to address and help organisations rationalise and practically apply the aspects of specialised assessment and adapted treatments in sensory impairment.

Brendan was the chair of the two-day international conference and also presented at the conference sharing his expertise with the audience. The conference was sold out and the standard of the speakers was particularly high as Brendan through his leadership and networking was able to secure sponsorship from his employer Elysium Healthcare to ensure an expert from America could attend and speak at the conference.

I have been impressed by the passion and commitment that Brendan has shown throughout the development of the conference. He has been actively engaged in all elements and supported all staff particularly in terms of understanding the diverse needs of this group of patients.

From solicitors…

“Very thorough and extremely well written report”
James Bainbridge, Cartwright King Solicitors

“Already recommended to other Solicitors”
Colin Simber, Linskills Solicitors

“Excellent Service in all respects. Thank you!”
Slater and Gordon

“Comprehensive and full (report), without being wordy… Dr Monteiro
brought a very clear and methodical style to his reports, which made them
accessible to the layperson. He was also courteous and considerate. I
would most definitely recommend him to other Solicitors”
Elizabeth Graham, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

“Dr Monteiro went out of his way to accommodate us and provide an appointment and provide the report, when we were up against Court deadlines…”
Victoria Hughes, FMG Legal

From clients…

“I found Professor Monteiro extremely approachable and accommodating.
He very easily put me at ease and I felt comfortable to open up and discuss
intimate details of my trauma and personal life, with no fear of
judgement. Professor Monteiro provided me with tools and insight to seek
the help I need and I am seeing definite benefits from the course of
treatment he recommended”

“Very professional, polite, made me at ease but straight to the point…I have not discussed some issues like I did today”

“Broad range of questions asked and helpful suggestions of how to rate certain aspects…friendly atmosphere, not too serious or intimidating. Makes it easy to discuss issues”

“I was put at ease and he was easy to talk to”

“Very pleased with the way I was treated and it was rewarding and helpful”

“He listened and allowed plenty of opportunity for me to talk”

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